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The Tale of Comfort and Style: Cotton Sarees

Everyone talks about three things related to Bengal. Yes, they are saree, fish, and food. But, once, it was a proud contributor of a fabric that no longer grows here now. We are referring to the once flourishing growth of cotton sarees in Bengal. Even Europeans were amazed by its quality and diversity. This made Bengal the largest contributor to cotton.

It paved the path for producing superior-quality Tant or cotton sarees. These seem modest compared to the extravagance of Benarasi. Maybe, it will never attain the status of Benarasi, but it will continue as everyone’s go-to option. Read on to explore its history, benefits, and how it can make you stand out in a crowd.

History of Cotton Sarees in Bengal

The earliest history can be traced back to 15th-century Shantipur in West Bengal. It refers to weaving handloom or Tant sarees which refer to nothing but cotton. It flourished during Mughal rule from the 16th to 18th centuries. The making of cotton sarees became so prosperous it threatened the entry of British textile goods into the Indian market. The colonial rulers used strict and inhumane policies to dwindle the weaving industry. But, it failed to curb the indispensability of cotton in the Indian/Bengal market.

The production of cotton sarees experienced the impacts of modern innovation following independence and in the 20th century. The use of machines and better technologies eased the hurdles of the making process. It is worth mentioning many weavers settled in Bengal from Bangladesh. They relocated to Shantipur, Hooghly, and Bardhaman. Their settlements introduced their weaving traditions to local artisan communities. Over time, Bengal developed signature weaving style and Tant varieties owing to the generations of these weavers.

Interestingly, the intermixing of weaving traditions and styles birthed the integration of Fulia and Shantipur styles giving “Fulia Tangail.” Initially, cotton constituted the material for Tant. But, now weavers use cotton for making varied types.

What Women Think of Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees segregate the crowd into two sections. One thinks it is solely for old owing to its modest look. Also, it is comparatively softer on the skin compared to other fabrics. It may seem to satisfy the concerns of older adults.

However, another section of the population thinks cotton is both suitable for the old and young. We agree with this notion. A softer fabric offering so much comfort deserves to be on the preferred list for everyone. Also, it’s worth pointing out that being modest type never robs the opportunity of being stylish.

Despite associating cotton sarees with older women, it has been gaining the preference of younger ones. Moreover, the heat-proofing qualities of the fabric make cotton sarees suitable during summers.

How Cotton Sarees Makes You Stand out in a Crowd

Cotton sarees are timeless masterpieces reflecting the passion of artisans and Bengali tradition. It may seem like a less convenient choice for making you stand out in a crowd. But, the comfort it gives makes you confident that you can carry it well. This confidence blends quite well with anyone’s performance, check our unique saree collection in Kolkata.

These prove fashion is all about comfort. Also, contrary to common beliefs, these are not plain and boring. Many varieties have eye-catching embroidery and thread work.

Even the printed varieties can make you look classy. For indulging in a quick shopping spree, you can take your pick from cotton sarees of Ashmi’s Creations. The presence of many choices makes this shopping site a one-stop and interesting destination for exploring varieties of cotton sarees.

From having simple handwoven to gorgeous zari-work, its collection suits the need of every saree lover. Also, it has pure cotton and mixed varieties.

Benefits of Making a Fashion Statement Wearing Cotton Sarees

Cotton may seem like a poor choice at first glance if you are willing to make a fashion statement. Yes, it is not as gorgeous as Baluchari or Jamdani. But, if you think with clarity, you will find nothing that seems better than cotton as a fashion statement. You may achieve a more glamorous look with other saree types.

But, after some hours, you will start missing the comfort of the usual dress code. With cotton – exclusive saree online in Kolkata, nothing like this happens. You can attend any party, occasion, or festive gathering wearing a cotton saree without feeling the frequent urge to wear something comfortable. It offers a feeling of ease in your movements. Even, traveling a long distance during office commute wearing a cotton saree seems like a cakewalk.

It gives a great balance of elegance, grace, and comfort. You don’t even need to worry about your appearance with cotton sarees. The simple and wearable texture gives opportunities for making it grand with rich embroidery or innovative designs. That is the reason weavers are now relying on cotton for making simple handloom to jamdani. Cotton sarees provide the adaptability of creating either of modern or traditional look. The only downside is it lacks a shrinkage-free texture. But, you can sure ignore this in the name of comfort.

Wear Cotton Sarees for Style and Comfort

The history of the production of cotton saree follows an interesting turn of events. It stood the test of time when British rule aimed to abolish the cotton industry. Over time, these have gone through a great deal of diversification.

Cotton saree have emerged as the favorite for all ages. Also, it is a go-to option during summers owing to its heat-proofing qualities.

Moreover, it serves as a great fashion statement. Cotton sarees offer ease of movement. It provides both style and comfort. Its versatility makes it apt for both contemporary and traditional looks.