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Fusing Fashion and History in Resham Khadi Saree

Only a true saree connoisseur will know about the specialty of a resham Khadi saree. These may not be as popular as Dhakai or Baluchari sarees, but they are deeply related to the history and rich culture of India. The amazing sarees with the canvas of resham Khadi redefine six yards of elegance, and the unique texture of Khadi never fails to grab the attention of fashionistas who have this thing for earthy fashion.

Khadi has always been associated with Indian sentiment. This fabric gained prominence during the freedom movement of India against British rule. With time, this fabric emerged as the symbol of India’s self-dependence, pride, and expertise as a nation. Despite having finer foreign alternatives, the larger part of the society, including the aristocrats, started wearing Khadi in an attempt to make the country self-reliant.

How Resham Khadi Sarees Evolved:

Despite the fabric’s association with the Indian freedom movement and the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Khadi lost its popularity immediately after independence. It is possible that the influence of western fashion and the availability of cheaper and more attractive alternatives caused this downfall. However, today, it is all set to make a comeback with elan. Especially, resham Khadi sarees are quite popular among modern Indian women. The subtle elegance and chicness of the sarees make them ideal for various occasions, including corporate events.

Once Khadi had earned a bad reputation for being monotonous and thus enjoyed limited popularity among so-called intellectuals and patriotic people. The makers, however, did not give up, and they started producing more colorful and elaborate versions of this saree to make them popular among women from different walks of life.

Today, if you want to procure a resham Khadi saree or even go through our collection, you will find how intricate geometrical patterns and subtle combinations of colors have given the sarees a smarter look. Also, in keeping up with the latest fashion trends, there have been changes in the overall design of these sarees. For example, along with resham Khadi sarees in seamless designs, you will find half and half sarees. In half and half resham Khadi sarees, the patterns and designs adorn the pallu and other parts of the sarees, but the pleat section is kept in a solid pattern as the perfect complement.

A Comfortable Drape:

Resham Khadi sarees are great for all occasions and the hot and humid climate of India. Besides, you can drape them in minutes. If you need to jazz up your look a little, you can experiment with the design of the blouse or accessories. However, if you ask us, Khadi sarees look the best when they are minimally accessorized, and they go well with subtle makeup.

Nevertheless, coming back to the comfort quotient of resham Khadi sarees, you will see how the fabric is spun in order to ensure comfort. Resham Khadi threads are traditionally spun on Charkah, and these threads are fusions of cotton and resham silk. This mixture gives the sarees a very understated but unique sheen without compromising the comfort factor.

Resham khadi sarees are also loved for their crispness as they are not as prone to creases as Khadi cotton sarees. However, if you want to wear a resham Khadi saree for years or want to preserve it for posterity, you must go for dry cleaning after every wear.

Check Out Resham Khadi Sarees in Ashmi’s Creations:

So, if you are feeling inspired by the history and evolution of resham Khadi sarees and find them in alignment with your fashion aesthetics, Ashmi’s Creations can be your best shopping destination. You can explore the variations in our collections and choose one to rev up your assemblage of traditional attires.