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Dhakai: Getting to Know the Pride of Bangladesh

The path to fame for Dhakai is an obvious yet tough one. Its magnificence stays unmatched by any other saree variety available in India. So, you look nothing short of art draped in the six yards of a Dhakai saree. Despite being originated from Bangladesh, every saree lover seems to be familiar with Dhakai.

Over the years, it has gained more popularity and found its place on the shelves of everyone- from a traditional woman to a modern one. Even, it has earned admirers outside India.

The Past and Present of Dhakai Sarees

The term “Dhakai” seems to have derived from its origin in Dhaka in Bangladesh. The Mughal period helped in the advancement of the art of making Dhakai sarees. The emperors were very enthusiastic to spread Indian artistry. Their desire to promote the weaving industry resulted in royal patronage. It became indispensable in supporting the weaver communities.

However, in the period following the Mughals,i.e., British rule, there was a decline in this art form. The colonial rulers showed no support for promoting indigenous art. Moreover, the export of cheaper textile goods from European countries caused sufficient damage.

This struggling phase got more intense owing to the absence of Mughal patrons. Following the partition, artisans migrated from Bangladesh to India and settled in West Bengal. They developed and contributed to the development of present-day weaver communities.

Now, Dhakai has left those days of being faded into oblivion. The whole nation, even people outside India, believe in its excellence as a style statement. This makes it an indispensable market asset. It has been prompting businesspersons, investors, and the government to give more importance and financial support to the art of making Dhakai sarees order exclusive saree online in Kolkata today.

From Books to Wardrobe

Dhakai has won the hearts of all. Irrespective of household income level, people buy or at least intend to buy these sarees. From colorful patterns to intricate detailing, it caters to the fashion craving of every woman. Also, one can get Dhakai in either minimalist or extravagant design. This availability makes it the ultimate choice for women irrespective of age, and preference.

Furthermore, it has traveled through regional constraints. Like, saree is stereotyped as a Bengali attire. But, its impeccable beauty has been attracting a different buyer demographic.

Even, this saree finds a place in the memory of a character called Thamma (meaning grandmother) in Amitav Ghosh’s Straight Lines. In the book, she associated “Dhaka” with many things like the Dhakai saree. Despite a being fragment of fiction, Thamma is right. The capital of Bangladesh remains incomplete with the masterpiece it birthed years ago.

How Dhakai Makes you Stand out in the Crowd

This traditional masterpiece is a must-have for every woman. Its availability in various colors matches every skin tone. Despite having extensive detailing throughout the whole saree, Dhakai has both modest and gorgeous designs. You can find it in vibrant shades with heavy work on the border and the end of the saree.

Also, you can get it in a single shade, having less intricate patterns. White Dhakai sarees with red borders looks offers a great combination of being subtle and posh. These remain integral in creating a signature look during Durga puja.

Dhakai is very fine-structured and transparent. Draping it reveals the contours of the wearer and accentuates your figure. Motifs and designs on transparent sarees give it an illusion of floating. These carry multi-colored or single-colored motifs throughout the body and on the borders. It reflects the many hours of labor required to complete a single piece and the awe-inspiring skills of artisans.

Also, these contain finely designed pallu. It can have anything ranging from simple geometric to varied-sized floral patterns. Intricately woven large flowers make it look feminine. Besides these, Dhakai contains designs inspired by elements of everyday life. The pallu section adds extravagance to the saree and levels up its grace factor.

It is perfect for creating a traditional look. It goes well with any festival or celebration. You can pair it up with ornate jewelry or any accessories of your choice. However, it is enough for making a style statement without any heavy ornament.

Buy Dhakai Sarees from Ashmi’s Creations

Starting from the border to the body, a Dhakai saree features elaborate workmanship. It carries extensive detailing in its motifs and patterns. A saree like this deserves a place in everyone’s closet, including yours. For unique shopping experiences, you can explore the Dhakai collection of Ashmi’s Creations which has many varieties and designs. Our sarees have intricate works of floral designs, geometric shapes, and buti patterns.