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Ashmi’s Creations Madhubani Sarees Collection

We welcome you to the paradise of Madhubani art in our extensive saree collection. Our online store has amazing sarees designed with Madhubani art. These sarees transcend the urban reality and carry you to the rustic fragrance of the rural Indian lifestyle.

Expert Madhubani artisans handcraft all our sarees. The world of this traditional design is amazingly diverse. An entire Universe of wonderful artistry comes alive in the elegant Madhubani art. Every Madhubani saree is unique because the design is hand-painted by an expert artisan.

The Beauty of Folk Arts

Folk arts such as Madhubani inspire the realization of the richness of India’s cultural heritage. The amazement of Madhubani rests in its simplicity. Although the art may exhibit complex designs and geometric patterns, yet, at heart, there is an unmistakable simplicity.

Looking into the art pieces, the ancient world of Gods and Goddesses comes alive in your imagination.

You find yourself enthralled in the divine grace of Madhubani art as they have remained unchanged for generations. Folk art has this beautiful ability to make you feel at home. There is this beautiful archaic word called Hiraeth. The welsh word describes a deep longing for a home that is no longer to be found.

A Madhubani saree inspires this strange nostalgia for a perfect world that is perhaps nowhere to be found in the era of smartphones and plastic. Then again, somewhere in the depths of your blues, you still hold on to the hope that the paradise is still held in the imaginations of artists.
This dreaminess is why Madhubani art is so beautiful. The art encourages you to imagine and wear your dream most beautifully.

Handprinted on Silk

The combination of silk and folk art creates the perfect blend for royal elegance. Silk is en epitome of glamor, flamboyance, and royalty. Folk art, on the other hand, is down-to-earth, humble, and calming. We have gorgeous Bishnupuri silk sarees adorned with detailed Madhubani designs.

We place special emphasis on creating gorgeous pallus graced with elaborate Madhubani designs. The borders are also made broad, depicting intricate Madhubani patterns. You would love our Madhubani sarees in both red and blue.

The resplendence of the sarees imbues you with a calm elegance, as you be the queen you are, adorned in these glamorous sarees.

The Storytelling Saree

The specialty of Madhubani art is its intricate storytelling. Depictions from epics and mythologies often find expressions in Madhubani art. Also, tribal motifs such as fishes, sun, moon, and flowers are expressed by traditional artisans.

Wearing the saree transcends time to the memories of those childhood evenings lost in fairytales. As you read about Gods and Goddesses and their strange lives, you always imagined how it would be to live in those times when the epics were real.

A Madhubani saree presents you with this gift of magical nostalgia as you adorn yourself in its grace. Wearing this creation, suddenly you become the story, drawn by artisans who have preserved the heritage of art for centuries.

Another amazing aspect of this art form is that it is traditionally drawn by womenfolk. Perhaps, only a woman can understand the dreams of another woman. Traditional feminine art is also graced with wisdom, devotion, love, faith, and the dreams of a small family. However, sometimes men also participate in Madhubani art.

Do you know that originally Madhubani art was depicted on mud walls of houses? Later on, the design evolved to appear on papers, canvases, and sarees.

The storytelling remains the same. It’s always graceful, simple, and filled with the love for village life. Also, Madhubani art depicts Gods and Goddesses in their simplest human forms, just as one would draw another person.

Such a beautifully simple understanding of the epics has always been integral to Indian culture, and Madhubani sarees perfectly embody this heritage.

Ideal for Everyone

The silk Madhubani sarees are ideal for all women. You can wear them whether you have a slim figure, are curvy, or have a medium build. The saree gracefully adorns your form, making you feel confident about your appearance. Wearing our Madhubani saree, you will be the cynosure of the evening at the next social gathering.

These sarees may not be ideal for office wear unless there is a special occasion. Also, they may not be the right choice for casual occasions, but it depends on whether you can still carry the look gracefully. However, these should be the perfect choice if you are looking for a saree to wear at your friend’s wedding.

Please feel free to look closely at the categories of our online store to pick the saree of your choice. We have a free shipping policy covering anywhere in West Bengal. You can expect your saree to reach you within 5-7 days after placing the order. We also have a friendly return and refund policy if the product you receive does not match your expectations.

We also have a working customer support number to inform you of any delay or answer all your questions regarding the sarees. Get in touch easily if you have any specific questions regarding the sarees. You may want them in a particular color or design, and we promise to do our best to get you the saree you want.

Draped in Dreams

Drape yourself in the dreamy Madhubani sarees from our collections. We work hard to meet up with the expectation of our valued patrons, for we want to forge a longstanding relationship with you. You might want to follow us on social media and present your feedback on the experience of shopping from us.

We are always responsive to all customer queries and go all the way to help you get the right saree. You may also like to bookmark our site and come back often to check the new arrivals. We regularly update our amazing inventory with the latest designs so our valued clients have the best options. Our saree pricing is extremely competitive, as you would find.