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    Bishnupuri silk copper and yellow joltorongo saree

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    Bishnupuri silk yellow and orange joltorongo saree


Illusive Designs and Sheer Elegance of Joltorongo Sarees at Ashmi’s Creations

Joltorongo sarees have been recently quite popular among women who love to experiment with fashion. You will be impressed by the uniqueness of these sarees if you have an eye for exquisite artwork. Beyond being elegant draperies, these sarees are like canvases flaunting illusive artwork and subtle color play, check our unique saree collection online in Kolkata.

The Joltorongo sarees in our collection are mostly available in rich Bishnupuri Silk. The wavy patterns on the sarees make them resemblant to Ikkat sarees. We have also tried to keep the collection vivid with sarees in various designs. For example, you can find sarees in a singular tone in which the splash of a different color in the pallu works as a welcome break. There are even draperies available in dual tones, making them look more enigmatic in different lighting conditions.

Our collection is further enriched with bi-color and multicolor variations. One thing you must notice is how the Joltorongo patterns are portrayed with masterclass weaving. The designs are very subtle and never very opulent. The minimalism of the design maintains the overall elegance of each piece and makes it aesthetically appealing at the same time.

Wear it in Style:

Joltorongo sarees are very easy to drape, and they remain crease-free even if you wear them for long hours. The smooth texture and lightweight of the sarees also allow you to experiment with the draping style. You can crisply pleat the pallu of Joltorongo sarees if you are attending a formal function, or you can keep the pallu unpleated if you are draping it for a special family function or festival.

The easy flow of the saree is also ideal for draping it in a Bengali Atpoure or Persian style. In such cases, you can pin up the pleats on the pallu with a statement broach to enhance your style statement.

If simplicity is your style mantra, you can pick a Joltorongo saree from our collection for your wedding reception too. You can accessorize the saree with traditional gold jewelry and tie your hair into a bun to flaunt a neat look. A Gajra or garland of fresh jasmine flowers on your bun will do wonders for your overall look.

Another great thing about Joltorongo sarees is that they can be worn by women across all age groups and body types. The lightweight and elegant designs complement all. So, if you are looking for an option that is vibrant but not over-the-top, our Joltorongo sarees can be an ideal pick for you.

A Possession for Posterity:

Our Joltorongo sarees made of Bisnupuri Silk bring tradition and trend under one roof. The patterns resembling water waves can be a modern take on traditional Ikkat designs. However, the story of Bishnupuri silk is deeply rooted in history. This variation of silk sarees started getting made during the 17th and 18th centuries under the patronage of Malla kings who made Bishnupur in West Bengal the capital of their kingdom. Bishnupuri Silk sarees have been popular because of their elegant and soft texture.

So, these sarees featuring Joltorongo patterns can be valuable possessions and will last for generations to come. However, if you want to wear your favorite Joltorong saree for many years or want to pass it down to your future generation, you must ensure that the saree gets a dry cleaning after every wear.

Buying Joltorongo Sarees from Ashmi’s Creations:

Buying a Joltorongo saree from Ashmi’s Creations will be a delightful experience for you. You will get the exact saree you have chosen delivered to your doorstep. Of course, we hope that you will allow the slight color variations caused due to lighting conditions while shooting.

Along with the assurance of the best quality sarees, we also offer a free shipping facility in West Bengal. Our payment gateways are 100% secure, and even if there is the slightest dissatisfaction on your part in the rarest of cases, we will be happy to initiate the return and refund process (T&C apply).