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Privacy Policy

By privacy policy, we mean maintaining the confidentiality of our customers’ data. All of our customers have the right to maintain the privacy of their information, and our privacy policy completely respects that. In other words, we do not encourage the disclosure of any personal information of our customers, and we take strict actions if there is any breach. Further, we keep all our patrons and customers of Ashmi’s Creation updated about our privacy policy. We immediately intimate any changes in the privacy policy on our website.

By Personal Information We Mean:

We refer to the following data when we talk about preserving your right to maintain the privacy of your personal information.
In this regard, to maintain the complete privacy of your information, we offer our clients secure payment options. Besides, we have a well-chalked cookies management policy to ensure complete safety for our customers.

Secure Payment Options:

We only use secured payment gateways. Besides, we can assure you that no data related to your bank account, credit card, debit card, or other payment instruments will be stored on our website. The details you provide for the payment will be completely encrypted and stored with VISA/MasterCard or other instruments you are choosing.

Cookies Management:

There will be only temporary cookies on our platform that identify the shopping patterns, and preferences of the customers. These are solely for marketing and R&D purposes. We will not store any identifiable data of our customers using cookies. Besides, usually, the cookies get deleted when you close the browser. However, you can clear all the cookies by clicking on the clear cookies options for your satisfaction.
You do not need to provide your personal or financial information when you are visiting our site. However, if you furnish your details for signing up with our website, you will be covered by our privacy policy.