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Swarnachari Sarees: Draping Stories in Style

Regal is the word that perfectly defines Swarnachari sarees from Bengal. The right fusion of opulence and minimalism makes it a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. No wonder, each Swarnachari saree is made over a period of at least 7 days. It’s not just another variation of sarees, but draping it means embracing the rich cultural heritage and artistic excellence of this part of the world.

Swarnachari is very similar to Baluchari if we talk about the rich silk canvas of the sarees. However, Swarnachari gets a more regal touch with golden zari getting infused in threads of silk. When the patterns, figurines, or other motifs start getting visible, a Swarnachari saree becomes nothing short of a fairy tale.

Rooted Deep in History:

Swarnachari sarees were introduced as a more majestic version of Baluchari sarees. Weavers started using zari instead of resham threads for making intricate detailings on Swarnachari sarees. It is said that these sarees were first created during the reign of Nawab Murshidquali Khan in Bengal. The art of making Swarnachari sarees saw its glorious days in the 18th century, thanks to the Nawab’s patronage for art and crafts.

Another version says that the history of Swarnachari sarees goes back to the days of Mallas. The specific art of making sarees thrived with the support of this Indo-Aryan tribe. The capital of this tribe was Bishnupur, and their support for the local art forms is said to be behind the creation of Baluchari and Swarnachari sarees. It does not matter which version you agree with, there is no doubt that Swarnachari sarees speak of the glorious and world-class cultural and artistic traditions of Bengal and India.

However, the journey of Swarnachari sarees from its early times till today has not been smooth-sailing always. The British rule and its crafty attack on India in the form of partition unnerved the glorious weaving industry of Bengal. Later, Subho Thakur discovered weaver Akshay Kumar Das from Bishnupur and introduced him to jacquard weaving. This association played a significant role in the revival of Swarnachari sarees.

Today, this indigenous genius of Bengal has survived the test of time. It has thrived through generations and now represents the rich artistic tradition of Bengal and India on an international platform. Swarnachari sarees have grandeur but are easier to drape compared to Benarasis and other heavy sarees. Therefore, many brides today prefer to pick a Swarnachari saree for their special day. You will even find many fashionistas draping Swarnachari sarees for grand occasions.

Unique Designs Grabbing Everyone’s Attention:

If you go through the Swarnachari sarees in Ashmi’s Creations, you will find how each piece boasts of masterclass craftsmanship. These sarees also function as a medium for keeping the Indian folk and mythological lores alive. The illustrious pallus of Swarnachari sarees are usually designed after the stories of the Ramayanas and Mahabharata. Some even narrate various episodes from the Bhagavad Gita or emerge as the narrative for different Vedic themes.

Along with mythological tales, traditional motifs like Kalka or circles, flowers, and fishes are used for adorning each piece of art. The makers of Swarnachari sarees kept being innovative in the patterns and designs. As time passed, some of the sarees started depicting court scenes, pictures of pleasure riding in boats, etc., through the pallu designs.

A Possession for Generations to Come:

Woven in rich silk and fine quality zari threads, Swarnachari sarees can be passed from one generation to another. Women from this part of the world are sure to find one or two Swarnachari sarees in their mother’s or grandmother’s closet. A precious possession like this demands a little care, though!

The sarees need dry cleaning after every wear. Besides, they should be kept in a muslin bag so that the zari threads and the silk base are not damaged.

A Must-Have for Every Occasion:

If elegance is your style mantra, you can pick a Swarnachari saree for any occasion. Check out our collection and pick the one that will enhance your persona and grace.