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Pure cotton assam booty work saree

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Fabric: Pure cotton handloom

Color: White, red, and yellow

Blouse piece: Excluded

Care: Dry Wash

The white pure cotton Assam booty work saree is a beautiful piece of wearable art you would appreciate. The bright white color of the saree is perfectly framed by a pastel red border, evoking a graceful impression.

At the same time, the saree has a beautiful fairytale quality with motifs from traditional stories expressed in the threadwork. The saree has a sweet playfulness that you won’t be able to miss.

The pallu is gorgeously created with rural motifs adorning it. Yellow and red are the prominent colors used and are interspersed with black patterns. This combination of yellow, red, and black creates an eye-catching effect with the saree.

The saree booty designs represent traditional Assamese art, creating a feeling of being rooted in your traditions. The pallu prominently features triangular patterns expressed in different scales.The triangles are done in red, black, and yellow.


The attire you will receive is the same one shown here. However, the color may vary slightly to compensate for the effect of ambient lighting and the resolution of your phone’s screen.


Life is made up of simple moments of joy, and one of those moments is buying a beautiful saree. This white saree with Assam booty work is wonderful in its simplicity. You will probably want it to wear on a daytime occasion when you do not want something subtle. A white saree with a red border has always been a traditional garment of Bengal, and this saree makes it even more appealing.