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White cotton linen saree

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Fabric: Cotton linen

Color: White

Blouse piece: Blouse piece excluded

Care: Dry Wash


The white cotton linen saree must be in your summer wardrobe. The simple design has a pure and elegant charm that is very calming. The detailed work on the borders may not be obvious, but a closer look reveals intricate patterns. This can be the perfect choice if you are looking for a graceful formal saree.

A white saree signifies gentleness and strength. On the one hand, you feel calm and composed in white. On the other hand, you feel confident and courageous. This is why white is the perfect option when you must make a strong statement without being loud.

The graceful design of the white cotton linen saree helps you feel confident to be who you are without compromises. White is also the color of truth and honesty. Wearing this saree can help you make peace with your deepest sensibilities and feel confident in your presence.


The shade of white you see on the image may slightly vary from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions of digital photography and your screen resolution.


Drape yourself in the love of linen with this elegant saree. The graceful beauty of a white saree is purifying, like moonlight dripping from the air. The pristine simplicity of white fills the heart with serenity and calmness. To complete the magic spell, let a string of pink pearls adorn your neck. Tribal jewelry pieces also pair beautifully with white.